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Similar to other websites, Garminas US privacy policy is extremely important. When you learn about the privacy policy, you will understand how we use your information, how to collect information on this website. We encourage you to learn the details of the privacy policy to get a clear understanding of how we work with user information.

Information you provide

Whenever you access this website, your information will be saved when you use our services, typically name, address, phone number, email, profile picture, social network, ID from supplier…

Information we collect

User IP will be collected automatically through 3rd party tools, plugins, platforms, or social networks. When you use Garminas US services, that is the default. In case, you don't want some of this information to be collected, don't forget to opt out of newsletters and advertisements on this website.

How we use your information

The relevant information as well as related products will be provided through the user's information. Based on the intended use, trends, and preferences of the user to make the best purchase decision. This helps you have the best product, for the benefit of you as well as us. You can completely use the right products for your needs, and we can also protect your website from negative actions.

Chatbot feature

Chatbot is one of the outstanding features that we have updated in our privacy policy. With this feature, the IP will be collected automatically when the user activates the chatbot feature. Users will be provided with promotional information and service newsletters while operating on Facebook messenger. Therefore, Facebook ID is also saved to help distribute through chatbot.

Cookie, web beacons, and third party cookies

Cookies, web beacons, and third party cookies are used for the purposes of collecting information in the privacy policy. You will see these policies appear on most websites on the internet today. Using Cookies helps GarminasUs maintain and manage the service. Besides, it also helps us to understand which services users are using on the website.


GarminasUs is like other websites when displaying some links to the application on other websites. Accessing and using GarminasUs, you will see this very clearly. However, you are completely assured because these links are always subject to privacy policies for users.


One of the prominent privacy policies at GarminasUs is that our audience does not include children under 13. All data related to this object is refused on our website. Therefore, we will immediately delete this information and data as soon as they appear on GarminasUs. Please notify us if there is any information about children under 13.

Information security

At GarminasUs, we strictly adhere to all user protection rules and standards. Therefore, we prevent any unauthorized behavior, disclosure, or other destruction of the user's IP. However, we also want to remind users to protect their information. Because all of the information on the internet as well as at GarminasUs will not be completely confidential by hackers.


We will ask the regulator to solve all the problems that arise between us and consumers to ensure objectivity.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

As with other websites today, we agree that Google may use cookies as a third-party provider. This is the default when you use our service. Google will use DART cookies to deliver relevant advertising to the users.

If you do not want ads from Google, you can also opt out through Google's privacy policy with the link:

Our Advertising Partners

At GarminasUs, Cookies and web beacons are used by partners. We encourage you to be aware of this. However, it will not cause too many effects other than providing advertising to you.

Amazon Associates Program is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Changes to this privacy policy

Any privacy policy at GarminasUs is subject to change without prior notice. This is familiar nowadays on the internet. By accessing and using this website, you accept that change.

However, with some serious changes, especially regarding IP or cookies, we will notify you via email or a prominent notice on the website. Therefore, you should periodically review the privacy policy on this website. We also want to affirm that any unannounced changes will not be the responsibility of GarminasUs. Don't forget to contact us for the latest privacy policy.