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Chemical Guys CLD_997_16 Diablo Gel Wheel and Rim Cleaner (16 oz)

By Chemical Guys

  2,500 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number CLD_997_16
• Model CLD_997_16
• Warranty Customer satisfaction guaranteed; See product label for details
• Color Red
• Dimensions 2.36 x 8.27 x 2.36 Inches
• Release Date November 16, 2012
• Size 16 fl. Oz
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Safe enough to use on all OEM and after market wheels

Sticks to grime and breaks dust and efficiently loosens contaminants for a safe, spotless rinse

Can be applied with a brush or sprayed on

Safe for painted and powder coated wheels, chrome, carbon fiber lips, and decal wrapped wheels

Concentrated cleaner can be diluted 6 parts water to 1 part Diablo Gel

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