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$50 Monthly Carrier Subscription (toward Simple Mobile “Truly Unlimited” Plan) + SIM Card

By Simple Mobile

  245 reviews

Product features

BENEFITS: Prime members receive 10% back towards your gift card balance on your initial purchase and every time your service autorenews

BENEFITS: Your stored value card autorenews monthly and redeems towards Unlimited Talk, Text and High Speed Data (Video streams at up to 480p) + 5GB of Mobile Hotspot wireless service

WHY SIMPLE MOBILE: You can keep your phone and phone number or create a new phone number. There are no long-term contracts, mystery fees, credit checks, or hassles

COVERAGE: Simple Mobile has nationwide coverage on T-Mobile's 5G network plus international roaming in 16 Latin American countries

SIM CARD: Our pre-cut SIM card features nano, micro, and standard sizes to fit perfectly in any phone. The SIM card will work with any unlocked phone and most GSM smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC, Motorola and Apple iPhones

ACTIVATION: Simply insert this SIM card in your device and follow the directions on your phone to join Simple Mobile

YOUR CART: When you add this product to cart, it will reflect 2 items: a Simple Mobile SIM Card, and an autorenewed stored value card subscription that automatically redeems towards monthly service

This is an auto-renewed stored value card subscription. A stored value card is what Amazon uses to transmit your monthly service payment to Simple Mobile. Each month, Amazon automatically charges your preferred payment method for a stored value card, which is then used by Simple Mobile to pay for your wireless service plan. The Simple Mobile SIM Card Kit and stored value card subscription are offered and sold by Simple Mobile and the SIM Card Kit is fulfilled by Amazon.

If congested, customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile customers, further reduced for those using >40GB

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