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Meguiar's G55153 Leather Care Kit

By Meguiar's

  2,156 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number G55153
• Model G55153
• Dimensions 12.44 x 5.03 x 4.85 Inches
• Release Date November 20, 2018
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

LEATHER CLEANER: Formulated with enough strength to remove stains yet gentle enough for general cleaning on all leather and vinyl surfaces

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Safely removes tough surface dirt and grime as well as embedded oil and water-based stains

LEATHER CONDITIONER: Combines aloe and moisturizing oils in a premium conditioner that maintains the original look and feel of leather surfaces

UV PROTECTION: Provides UV protection to help prevent aging and fading

ALL IN ONE KIT: Convenient kit includes everything needed to thoroughly and safely clean, condition and protect leather, even the accessories

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