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Bath Blessing Sanctuary Bath Subscription Box: 5+ Bath Products

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Product features

VOTED #1 BATH AND BODY BOX - 5 plus Bath and Body luxuries in each box including artisan soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, butters, body wash, lotions, shower steamers or bath accessories. The PREMIERE SPA SUBSCRIPTION transforming you from stressed to relaxed!

LOVE BUBBLE BATHS? LOVE RELAXING SHOWERS? Whether you love warm baths or long hot showers, we’ve got your back! YOUR PERSONALIZED BOX ~ You get to choose Bath or Shower products for true custom spa like experiences. Get more than one to mix it up!

PERFECT FOR ALL AGES, but not the glittery type you don’t want on your skin…. Bath Blessing HIGH QUALITY luxuries plus TRY NEW BRANDS designed to be GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN CARE! Artisan goodies that include natural and essential oil based elements.

EXPLORE GOOD-FOR-YOU ingredients with SEASONAL THEMED COLLECTIONS each month of curated products to include special selfcare check lists, bath recipes. LEARN NEW SKIN CARE techniques and information on essential oils at a GREAT VALUE. FREE US SHIPPING.

WARNING: FREQUENTLY LEADS TO EXTREME RELAXATION & DESIRE to BATHE OR SHOWER! Our boxes are designed to provide enough product to enjoy rejuvenating every day! Each month builds on the previous boxes. All this is provided at less than $1.33 per day!

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