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MaxKare Massage Gun with Percussion Massage for Athletes Deep Tissue Muscle Massager with 6 Interchangeable Heads and 5 Speeds Quietly Helps Relieve Sore Muscles and Stiffness

By MaxKare

  2,832 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number Massage Gun 8000
• Color Gray
• Is Adult Product No
• Dimensions 90.55118101 x 66.92913379 x 26.377952729 Inches
• Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Product features

【Massager Hero】 Our muscle massage gun is specially designed for full-body deep tissue massage, and can be used for the neck, shoulder, arm, back, leg. It is suitable for sports, fitness, hiking, climbing, office, home, and post-operative rehabilitation.

【3 + 5 + 6】 The only fascia gun with preset modes on the market. MaxKare percussive massage gun has 3 modes: warm-up, muscle relaxation, deep tissue massage. This muscle massage machine works like a professional coach. 5 levels of intensity, ranging from 1200 to 3300 r / min. 6 spare heads allow you to precisely target each muscle group.

【Long Battery Life】 This massage gun can last up to 120 days after charging for 3 hours. With a built-in 6-cell battery pack, this wireless massager contains 2 more batteries than other products in this series. The large-capacity battery can provide up to 20 hours of operation at the lowest setting and 7.5 hours of operation at the highest setting. This massage is energy-saving, with 10 minutes automatic shutdown function.

【Quiet & Power Motor】 The high torque 26V brushless motor has low operating noise in the range of 35 ~ 55db. When used in the office, it gives you immediate pain relief in a quiet environment. An amplitude of 10mm and a force of 30 pounds help relieving knots, cramps and spasms.

【Backpack & Carrying Bag】 This handheld massager is equipped with a backpack and a suitcase, which can be carried anytime and anywhere. You can use it at the gym, vacation, hiking or climbing. This is the perfect gift for dad, mom, family, friends and colleagues.

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