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HOMAK - Tea/Coffee Glass Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser and Lid, Superb Double-Layer Strainer, for Loose Tea or Coffee Powder - Large (420ml / 14oz) (Single Walled Glass, Dark Grey)

By Homak

  139 reviews

Product info:

• Color Dark Gray
• Dimensions 4.13385 x 3.74015 x 3.74015 Inches
• Size Single Wall 420ml

Product features

SUPERB FILTRATION CAPACITY - This cup contains a double-layer high-density infuser that filters 99.9% of tea slag. It can be also used to filter coffee powder to make a cup of American coffee at ease.

ELEGANT DESIGN - It can be used at home, in the office or in a tea party. Say goodbye to the same, ugly ceramic mug.

DUAL USAGE - It can be used not only for making tea but also for making coffee. You no longer need a paper filter. With this cup, you want to drink whatever you want.

THICKENED GLASS - This cup is made of thicker lead-free tempered glass, and you can feel the quality of it in your hand.

LARGE CAPACITY - The capacity of 420ml / 15oz is about the same as the Grande cup of coffee shops.

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