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HumanCentric Desktop Speakers with Tube Preamp and Bluetooth 5.0 | for Computers PCs Laptops or Phones | External Sound System Monitors or Computer Speakers for Home Office or Gaming Desk (Black)

By HumanCentric

  8 reviews

Product features

COMPACT SIZE, EXPANSIVE SOUND: Crystal clear highs up to 28 kHz with HyperFocus tweeters, and outsized bass response with airflow-guiding technology

RETRO DESIGN: Integrated tube preamp with exposed vacuum tubes for high quality sound and a unique design

MULTIPLE CONNECTION OPTIONS: Connect to your speakers with Bluetooth 5.0, or a RIAA phono port for turntables, or an AUX input for any other source

INCLUDED DESK STANDS: Includes a pair of custom speaker stands for the optimal listening angle

FULL SPECS: Power - 30W RMS (R/L 15W+15W RMS), Signal to Noise Ration - ≥80dB, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) - <1%, Bass Drivers – 2.25” drivers and 3” passive radiators, Treble Drivers - Φ .8" silk dome tweeters, Frequency Response - 70Hz - 28kHz

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