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Cadillac Select Premium Leather Cleaner 4 oz - Great for Shoes, Handbags, Jackets, Gloves, Furniture & More

By Cadillac

  51 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 4321

Product features

PREMIUM LEATHER CLEANER SINCE 1963: Cadillac Select Premium Leather Cleaner is an aggressive leather cleaner that is formulated to quickly and easily remove surface dirt, grime, sweat, and salt stains from smooth finished leathers.

GREAT FOR USE ON HIGH-END LEATHER FASHION PRODUCTS: Cadillac Select Premium Leather Cleaner is the perfect cleaning agent for all your high end leather fashion.

CLEANS ALL YOUR DESIGNER LEATHERS: Works great on shoes, boots, purses, jackets, coats, couches, sofas, auto interiors, wallets, belts, luggages, and more!

MADE IN THE USA: All Cadillac Select product is proudly made and manufactured in the United States.

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